Solar Outdoor Lighting

Well-Lit is designed professionally and could meet your specific need. Under long term testing and development with high standard, Well-Lit performs reliability, high efficiency, and persistence.
Compared with other products on the market, Well-lit is durable for 20% more cloudy days by our own design logical controller.
Moreover, we also provide climate analysis for model selection.


High illumination with economical cost

.Suitable for commercial and residential use
.Pathway, trail, street, roadway, garden and yard, park, campus, farmland and scenic area
.Off-shore island, mountains, wild and remote areas
.Especially for the location where the power supply is insufficient or inaccessible.


.Reliable Lighting
.No electricity bill
.No cable excavation
.Long product life
.Maintenance free
.Good return on investment
.Environmental friendly image

Crown International Group Corporation (CIGC) is a project developer for developing the infrastructure of developing countries. CIGC will assist the developing countries to apply the fund of ADB or AIIB whose policy is to help those countries in need.The CEO of Crown Tech is Huang Hsueh Kung, who was director of Taiwan Environmental Professional Engineer Committee for 3 sessions. Present Huang has a good reputation in Taiwan Environmental Engineering field. He has been dedicated in Environmental Engineering for over 20 years and accumulated much engineering experience.
The business contents of Crown Tech are focused on Controlled Air Incinerator and Air Pollution Control Systems inclusive of DeSOx、DeNOx、De-VOC System、RTO、EP、Bag Filter、Wet Scrubber and AC Adsorber.
The company organization for Crown Tech is a simplified and powerful work team. The number of employees is about 8 persons.
The turnover of 2012 is estimated above USD 2M and is kept increasing in future.

Well-Lit - EMS Energy Management Secretary

Well-Lit has the smartest charge controller in the market

To ensure that power is sufficient every night, charge controller automatically performs sophisticated calculation and logical analysis from daily records of power generation, accumulated average power supply, and battery storage.

Unlike other charge controller supplying 100% LED brightness with ON/OFF switch, ours can regulate the LED brightness to slow down power consumption.

Therefore, it can distribute power appropriately every night and ensure Well-Lit operating without failure.
(Reliability rate is up to 98%).
Generally, in continual cloudy and raining days, blackouts easily occur when battery storage consume excessively due to insufficient power generation.

It may lead to battery voltage sags and shorten battery lifetime. Thus, the system is easy to fail. Well-Lit lighting controller can efficiently improve this situation.

Series of street lighting

Series of street lighting
Series of street lighting
Series of street lighting
Series of street lighting